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Why Are Customer Last Aging Date and Amounts Not Updated?

Release Date: 08/31/2018

Q - Why is the last aging date and aging amount for each period not updated in the customer master file? Because the customer aging information is not up-to-date, it causes difficulty for my credit manager when he/she uses the COP "Release Held Order" application.

A - The customer aging (4 periods aging, field # 77 to 81) info in the customer file are database fields and they may not be updated automatically. See sample screen below:

Generally speaking, they will be updated automatically when you:
    (1) Print Aging Report
    (2) Print A/R Statements
    (3) Post Cash Receipts
If a customer does have any of the three activities above, then that customer's aging information in the customer database stays static. To get that customer's aging up-to-date, you need a separate process to calculate it, and preferably on a daily basis.

The calculation process can be found in A/R -> Processing -> Age Customer Accounts.  See sample screen below:

This process can update the customer fields 77 - 81 for you.  In addition, it can re-calculate the customer fields "64. account balance" and "76. Opn Ord Pick/Inv Amt." Generally speaking, these two fields will be updated automatically and the recalculation is not a requirement. But since you are spending the computer CPU time to recalculate aging, you might as well recalculate these two fields.

You can have someone manually run this "Age Customer Accounts" application every morning without printing the report. Because potential customer record locking conflicts can take place, you want to do this calculation first thing in the morning before your users start to actively use Elliott.

If you would like to automate this process -- so that it takes place every night when there are no Elliott users in the system, for example -- you may use Defer Processing to do so.  To defer this process, you will need to answer "Y" to "7. Print To Report ?."

Please also see the following KB article related to this subject:


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