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Feature - Order Inquiry Pick Date Status Notation

Release date: 9/29

Currently, Order Inquiry only shows if the order is picked (after the picking ticket is printed), billed or invoiced. Many users desire to know more details of an order after the pick ticket is printed, before it is selected for billing or invoiced.

In Elliott Business Software, we can optionally collect additional information in the following processing functions after the pick ticket is printed:
  • Inventory Transfer Processing: This is applicable for multi-bin users.  When a pick ticket is processed through this function, it implies that the inventory has been picked from the stocking bins and is now placed in the shipping area.
  • Shipment Verification: This is an add-on feature to ensure the shipped order is scanned and verified for its content accuracy before it is packed and shipped.  It is often used in conjunction with EDI UCC-128 label or VICS Bill of Lading.
Many users allow their customers to modify or cancel the order as long as the order has not yet been processed by the warehouse. This change was made to provide users with better information regarding shipping status,. If the transfer ticket is printed, we will show one asterisk "*" beside the Date Picked field. If the transfer batch is completed, posted, or  the order has been processed through shipment verification, or the order has a Tracking Number associated with it, we will show two asterisks "**" beside the Picked field:

* = Transfer ticket is printed
** = Transfer batch is completed or posted, or shipment verification is processed,
        or order has a Tracking Number.

See sample screen below:

Modified programs: CP0400, CPORDINQ


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