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Multiple Users Print Purchase Orders at the Same Time

Release Date: 11/7/2018

QWhen one or more people simultaneously try to print and email Purchase Orders, they get an error message saying that the "Program is already in use."

Is there any way around this? We have several people that need to do this at the same time.

A - When you are printing purchase orders in the traditional method with a range option, the system allows one person to print a purchase order within a time limit.

But on the other hand, you may turn on “ Print Immediate Purchase Order” from Global Setup -> Dist -> P/O Global Control . Answer "Y" to flag 6:

    6. Print Immediate Purchase Order ?

Then in the Add/Change mode of the Purchase Order entry screen, for an "R" (released) purchase order, the system will prompt your users to choose whether they wish to immediately print this purchase order. There's no limitation on how many users can print purchase orders at the same time in this mode.  See sample screen below:


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