Feature - Add "F2 = System Date - 1" to Release Held Orders

Release Date - 11/15/18

This feature is related to the following KB article:

In this change, we added a new option to the Customer Last Payment Date >= field  in the Release Held Order Utility application. It is available from Util-Setup ---> Global Setup ---> Utilities ---> Cop Utilities ---> Utilities ---> Release Held Order

Field "3. Customer Last Payment Date >= " has a new F2 = System Date - 1 option:

3. Customer Last Payment Date >= is used to narrow down the processing to only those customers that have recent cash receipt postings. If the user presses F1, it means system date, which will be useful for deferred processing purposes. If the user presses F2, it means the system date minus one day, which is also useful for deferred processing purposes.

This new option helps resolve this issue of posting ACH or Cash Receipt batches after business hours using deferred processing. Any payment that gets entered in the system may not be posted until the next day's deferred processing run. The payment will have a payment date of the day before, so using the system date to release to held order doesn’t consider yesterday's payments when looking at releasing orders. 

Programs Modified: CPRESORS, CPRESORP

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