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Feature - New Default Options for Line Item Request Date Cutoff

Release date: 11/21/2018

A new Global Setup flag has been added to COP-Func-> Pick Ticket/Ship
Label-> 48. Number of Days to Add to Pick Ticket Cutoff

The value in this field is used when determining the default for field 4. Line Item Request Date Cut-Off in COP->Process-> Pick/Pack Tickets & Ship Labels->Print->Picking Tickets.

If the new Global Setup field is zero (default), the code functions as it does before these changes. This means that it is a date field and if zero is entered, the program will default to the system date.

If the new Global Setup field value is, say 1, then that value is added to the system date (in this example, system date is 11/25/18) and the value of 11/26/18 is used  as the initial default. 
This is an example of an instance where the user likes to print pick tickets one day ahead. Now, they can set up the Global Setup flag accordingly so they don't need to manually override each time when they print the pick ticket.

You can change the Global Setup to 1, 2 or 3 if you always print pint tickets one day, two days or three days ahead.

This change only applies to the screen parameters program when you choose to print pick tickets from the menu. Any program that calls the pick ticket program directly (on-the-fly) will move 12/31/30 to the request date as the cutoff to ensure the pick ticket gets printed without being affected by the date factor.

Modified program: CP02S1


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