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Windows 1809 Update Causes Map Drive to Disconnect After Log Out

Release Date: 12/5/2018

It has been brought to our attention that the latest Windows 1809 update can cause the map drive to disconnect, which may stop Elliott Business Software from running.  This problem applies to both Windows 10 and Windows 2019 server.  You will first noticed a message at the bottom right of your desktop:

    Could not reconnect all network drives

If you click on the Windows Explore, It appears that  mapped drives show disconnected (red x) after logoff/on.  

Per Microsoft, you may experience the following issues in Windows 10, version 1809:
  • In Windows Explorer, a red X appears on the mapped network drives.
  • Mapped network drives are displayed as Unavailable when you run the net use command at a command prompt.
  • In the notification area, a notification displays the following message: "Could not reconnect all network drives."
If you try to run Elliott 8.5 from local or hybrid path, you will receive the following error:

    Btrieve Error 196 on S Password File

To resolve this problem, you can bring up Windows Explore, can click on the network drive with red X so Windows will reconnect the drive for you.

If you need a more permanent solution, please look at the following articles for more details:

Please see the following article for more information on this matter:

Your solution will be: (1) Roll back your Windows 10 workstations that had 1809 updates and stop other Windows 10 workstations from updating to 1809 for now; (2) Use script to map network drive as user logon to the domain.

Microsoft acknowledges this problem and promises a fix during 2019. See the following KB article from Microsoft on this matter, which contains a workaround method:


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