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Report Desk: How Font Is Determined

Release Date: TBA
Version 8.6

At this moment, there are three different sources to determine the font to be used in Elliott V8.6 Report Desk:
  1. EL860.CFG - Elliott Global Configuration File
  2. Windows Registry in \\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NETcellent\Elliott\8.0\Report Desk 
  3. Hard Code Font - Arial
By default, Elliott will use "Arial Narrow" as the default font for Report Desk to store in EL860.CFG. This can be changed through the utility program <ElliottRoot>\Bin86\EL860CF.EXE.  You can also login to Elliott as SUPERVISOR.  In the Elliott Control Center, choose the top left button "Config" to start EL860CF.EXE. Make sure you login as a Windows Admin user or equivalent so you have proper NTFS privilege to update the <ElliottRoot>\Bin86\EL860.CFG file.

In the Elliott V8.6 Configuration utility, go to the "Report Desk" tab and click on the "..." button next to the "Font Name:" field to pick a different font.  See sample screen below:

Keep in mind the font you select here is global and will affect all Report Desk reports for all users.

In some situations, a particular user may not have the font you select as the default in the EL860.CFG file.  In that case, it will look up your local Windows registry in the area of  \\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NETcellent\Elliott\8.0\Report Desk for a replacement.

If there is nothing specified in the Windows registry area, then Report Desk will use the "Arial" font. 

If all three steps above fail and no valid font can be found on your machine to produce the Report Desk report, then the Report Desk will not run.

In addition to these global settings, the Report Desk designer has the ability to specify a particular font and size range for each report.


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