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CSV Import Supports Both MM/DD/YY and MM/DD/YYYY Date Formats

Release Date: 12/18/2018

Q - Recently, I tried to import a future price code file through CSV.  I saw that on the screen layout, it states the date format should be in the MM/DD/YY format.  MM stands for the two-digit month.  DD stands for the two-digit date.  YY stands for the two-digit year. That is to say, for December, 18, 2018, the date value should be 12/18/18. See sample screen below:

But I have discovered that both MM/DD/YY and MM/DD/YYYY formats are supported.  This is just FYI.

AThat is a nice bonus, isn’t it? As a matter of fact, with all CSV imports in Elliott, we support both MM/DD/YY and MM/DD/YYYY formats in the date field. We have to do this because we cannot guarantee what format the user will use.


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