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Feature - Allow Mass Delete of Attribute Records

Release date: 1/9/2019
Revised Date: 02/14/2024
Version: 8.5 & up

This feature will allow mass deletion of attribute records. It is called from Util-Setup-> System File Maintenance-> Import-> Mass Delete Attribute. This application will delete the attribute data records (SYATTRIB). It will not delete the attribute definition (SYATRFIL).
It has three menu options - Pre-Interface, Interface, and Layout.

The Layout screen has the following fields:
  1. File Name - this is like ARCUSFIL, APVENFIL, IMITMFIL, SYCONTCT...etc.
  2. Attribute Code - the attribute code up to 15 digits.
  3. Reference ID - This is the primary key value of the file.  For example, for ARCUSFIL, it is the Customer Number; for IMITMFIL, it is the item number; and for SYCONTCT, it is the Contact ID.  You need to provide leading zeroes for some of the files if the primary key values are numeric.  For example, customer and vendor number must be exactly 6 digits in length;  contact id must be exactly 9 digits long.

The Pre-Interface and Interface screens have the following options:

1. CSV File Name:                         
2. Import File With Header Row ?     

CSV File Name - The filename is stored in the registry and used as a default.
Import File with Header Row - The Value is  stored in the registry.

When the pre-interface is run, the records will have a status of Deleted or an error message.  During pre-interface, records will not be deleted.

When the interface is run, the user will be prompted with the following question:

After the interface is completed the input file will be deleted and the following report will be created.  Note the "Total No. Deleted Records."

Field requirements:

File Name 
Field is converted to upper case
Field is required

Attribute Code
Field is required
Field is converted to upper case
Code must exist in SYATRFIL

Reference ID
Field is required
Field is converted to upper case

Error Conditions:
Invalid File Name
Attribute Code Not On File
SYATTRIB record not found

Modified programs: SYATTRIS, SYFILMNU, SYDELATS (new), SYDELATP (new)


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