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Values in APCHKHST (AP Check History) Status Column (APCHKHST_STATUS)

Release Date: 1/10/2018

Q - I see the value of "M," "C" and "P" in the column of the APCHKHST_STATUS column in the APCHKHST table.  I presume "C" means computer check, "M" means manual check.  What does "P" mean?  

If a check is cancelled is there a code too?

AThe following is a list of possible values:
  • M = Manual Check
  • C = Computer Check
  • F = Form Void (when a check requires multiple check forms, only the last check is valid, the rest are voided as "F")
  • V = Manual Void (after the user chooses a specific range of checks to void after printing of checks)
  • P = Void After Posting
In most situations, you will not differentiate codes "F," "V" and "P" and just treat them all as voided.


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