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COBOL to VB Interface Programs


In order for a Micro Focus COBOL program to interface to a .NET program, two intervening programs must be written.  For example, if a COBOL program wants to call a VB program named ELPDFGEN, it must instead call an unmanaged C++ program (ELPDFGEI), which calls a managed C++ program (ELPDFGEW), which finally calls ELPDFGEN.

For testing, you can build a debug version of these programs which will run on any box that has Visual Studio installed.

For Release, you must build a release version that does not rely on debug .DLLs from Visual Studio.

Building Release Code

Change the output to Release.  For both the I and W versions of the program (ELPDFGEI and ELPDFGEW):
  • Right click on the project and select Properties.
  • In the C++ section of Configuration Properties, click on All Options.
  • Select Runtime Library and use the dropdown to select Multi-threaded DLL (/MD).
  • Click Apply and OK.

Now, when you build the project, it will not have a dependency on the Visual Studio debug Runtime .DLLs.


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