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Feature - Support Serial Cross Reference in PO Warehouse Receiving Maintenance and Import

Release Date: 2/7/19

This feature adds support for the entry of a box or case for serialized items in PO Warehouse Receiving. This option is available if serial cross reference is enabled in Global Setup-> System-> Serial No. Tracking Control-> Field 1. Enter Serial X-ref Information. 

Note: This is support is not applicable if using serial cross referencing with multi-bin. When multi-bin in enabled, all receipts are placed in the receiving location's receiving bin.

When adding or changing a warehouse receipt for a serialized item, users can now specify the box/case on the serial number entry screen.

A default box/case is also supported when specifying a range of serial numbers.

The box/case that is entered will be applied to all of the serial numbers in the range.

This cross reference support is also available in the PO Warehouse Receiving Import application. 

If cross referencing is in use, the cross reference information can be provided in column R of the CSV file.

The field is not required, but if it is provided, the field must be 8 characters or less.

Programs Added: SERMNTB

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