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Feature - Default Receiving Description in Warehouse Receiving Import

Release Date - 2/11/19

This feature gives the user the ability to specify a default Receiving Description when importing PO Warehouse Receiving transactions from an CSV file. This option is available with the Invoice/Document Number field.

When providing an invoice/document number, the reference field is a required field when importing. Providing the invoice number without the receiving reference will produce an error during the import. If the user provides an invoice number on this screen and does provide a receiving description, they will be presented with a warning message:

If the user answers Yes and does not provide a receiving description in the CSV file, this will produce an error during the import and it will be aborted.

If the user does not provide an invoice/document number on this screen, they are not required to enter a receiving description.

Programs Modified: POWRIMNT, POWRIIMP

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