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Report Desk: Variables in Title and Column Headings

Release Date: TBA
Version: 8.6

Elliott allows for certain customization of the product.  For example, your company may use the Item Size file to specify Colors instead of something else.  In order to make this work well, you may need to insert a variable, based on a pre-defined PSQL User Defined Function, into the report title and/or report column titles.  To do this requires the following steps:

In the Template for User Defined Report, create a formula that contains a PSQL function like GETSTYLEGROUPLIT(), in the following:

Save the template and return to the User Defined Report Designer screen.  Now we can use this formula in the title of the report, if desired, and in column headings also:  Note: You cannot drag a formula (or any other item) to the Column Heading area -- drag-and-drop only works in the Column column.  You must type the formula name in the cell below Column Heading.

When the report is run, the variable [SizeLit] will be replaced by the value of the formula specific in the template.  In this case, Color.


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