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Btrieve Error 035 on XCOFORM D-Y-O-I Form Table File

Release Date: 03/05/2019
Version: V7.x and up

QI have created a new Picking Ticket form using DYO. When the users attempt to print a PT, they receive an error message:

    EL800P: Btrieve Error 035 on XCOFORM D-Y-O-I Form Table File

See sample screen below:.

Need help resolving this error.  

ADid you implement NTFS security with the Elliott folder? DYO (Design Your Own) uses *.TBL files to store form tables.  These *.TBL files are not in Btrieve format, so the security is not controlled by the PSQL engine.  If you implemented NTFS security with Elliott, then your non-admin users won't have sufficient rights to access these *.TBL files. You must give your users the right to  "Modify" the table.  You can do so by either using the Windows Explorer user interface, or the command line utility ICACLS.

Please look at the following KB article:
Find the section that talks about creating the NTFSSEC.BAT file. Follow that example and run NTFSSEC.BAT against your data folder.  Every time when you create a new DYO form, a new *.TBL file will be created under your DATA folder.  Then you will use NTFSSEC.BAT again.


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