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Feature - Active User Report to Show Users Logged into Elliott and Optionally Send Email

Release date: 3/6/2019
Version: 8.5 and up

The Active Users report will show a list of users actively logged into Elliott. This report will also have the option of emailing users who are currently logged in and send them a predefined email message.

Begin by going to: System Utilities --> Password Setup-> List-> Active User Report

The new menu bar includes two menu options - Email Message Setup and Active User Report.

Select Email Message Setup.

A default message will be displayed.

Subject: You Are Currently Logged Into Elliott


We noticed you are currently in Elliott. This should not happen.     
Please make sure to log out of Elliott when you are done with your   
work. Leaving your Elliott session open may cause locking issues and 
prevent nightly processing. Thank you for your cooperation.         


Edit the email subject and email body in the provided fields.
The Email subject may be up to 80 characters.
The Email Body contains 16 lines of 70 characters each.

An F1 option is available to insert a blank line. This option shifts the contents of the email body starting on the selected line. If any text is on line 16 (last line of the email body), the user will receive an error message stating that the line cannot be inserted.

An F2 option is available to delete a line. This option will shift the contents of the body up one line starting on the selected line.

Select Active User Report to enter the report options:

Enter the Starting (Enter for All) and Ending User.  An F7 search for users is available.
"Send Warning Email to Login Users?" - The default value is N. Enter Y if you would like to send an email to the user currently logged into Elliott. If the email subject and body have not been been set up, the default email shown above will be sent to users currently logged into Elliott.

A report is generated containing a list of users currently logged into Elliott. If the option to send the warning email was sent to Y, any errors encountered when sending the email will be printed on the report.



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