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Feature - Allow to Reapply a Check to an Invoice that was Applied to Before

Release Date - 3/11/19
Version: 8.2 and up

If a user makes a mistake and wants to apply more money from a check to an invoice that was already applied to before, Elliott doesn't allow it because the same apply-to document record already exists. The only way to do it is to use the AR Open Item Maintenance, which risks the user making a mistake that can change the customer's balance.   

Since "AR Open Item Maintenance" is a risky function, the person in charge of finance -- like the accounting manager, controller or CFO -- may have security concerns and may not want other users to access this function.  Therefore, either the financial head needs to use this function to make necessary adjustments to correct the mistakes the user made, or the manager has to trust the user to use the "AR Open Item Maintenance" function properly.

With this feature, users can reapply a payment that was previously applied to an invoice or debit memo. That means the financial head does not need to use the "AR Open Item Maintenance" function to correct the mistakes the user made.  Nor it is necessary for financial head to grant the user access to the "AR Open Item Maintenance" function.

For example, if check 100 was received for $100 and was applied to the following:
Invoice 123456 for $10
Invoice 554321 for $30
Open on account for $60
the user will now be allowed to reapply the cash applied to invoice 123456 to invoice 554321:
Invoice 554321 for $40
Open on account for $60
or designate it as open on account:
Invoice 554321 for $30
Open on account for $70

The purpose of this feature is to correct mistakes the user made with the original re-apply action.  This can cause complications if you use the "Adjustment Amount" feature (which is used mostly to write off small amounts) at the same time.  Therefore, we will not allow users to enter an adjustment amount at the same time if the same apply-to record already exists. They should reapply the amount and update the adjustment amount in two separate transactions. If users enter an adjustment amount when reapplying to an existing document, they will receive the following error message:

Programs Modified: ARAPLYCR

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