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Feature - Allow Print One Invoice to Print Duplicate Invoices for Order Not Posted

Release Date - 3/15/19
Version: 8.5 and Up

This feature provides a function to re-print an invoice that’s not posted.  This is useful if the user needs an extra copy and doesn't want to use the copy machine, or maybe the copy is smeared, lost, or there’s a printer issue. This feature will allow the user to generate a copy of the invoice without changing the database in anyway, including the invoice number.  

(1)    The Print Duplicate Invoices application now has two menu options:

a.      Print Posted Duplicate Invoices – this is the original function to print an invoice from invoice history

b.      Print Unposted Duplicate Invoices – this new function will run the print one invoice application

(2)    The Print One Invoice application will support two modes:

a.       The regular Print Invoice function 

b.      The new Print Duplicate Invoice function 

When an unposted order is chosen, the Print Duplicate Invoice option is available. The invoice number is also displayed on the screen with the other order information. When this invoice is printed, it will retain the original invoice number and invoice date.

Programs Modified: CPINVPRT.PL, CP03S2, CP03S2A, CP1725S, CPONEINV, XCP0106

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