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Feature - Add Check for Obsolete Component Item to Various Applications

Release date: 3/19/2019

Version: 8.2 and up

The application code should present the user with a warning if they attempt to add a component item and that component is obsolete (item activity code is "O").

There are 6 applications that have been changed to include this warning.  The following are the screens or print output showing the warning.

BOMP --> Maintenance --> Product Structure File Maintenance

BOMP ---> Maintenance ---> Feature/Option Configuration File Maint.

BOMP --> Processing --> Production Order Entry--> Material Work Order--> material entry screen when adding a component

COP ---> Processing ---> Order Entry ---> super kit entry program

IM ---> Maintenance ---> Kit File Maintenance

BOMP ---> Maintenance ---> Product Structure File Maintenance ---> Import

Modified programs: BM0101, IMIMPSTR.PL, BM1501, BMMTLMNT, IM2900, CP0115G


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