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Blanket POs Not Displaying on Stock Status ATP Screen

Release Date: 3/20/2019

QHow can I get Blanket POs to display on the Stock Status ATP screen? You show it on the legend as code "PB" but it doesn’t appear on the screen. See sample screen below:

We use the blanket PO for estimated dates for imported items, and we need to see what they've already requested of each item on this screen for planning.

AWhen you first bring up ATP from the Stock Status Inquiry screen, the “Planning Type” on the top is probably showing “A.” See sample screen below:

You need to press the F3=Parm key to change the planning type to “F” (Firm). The possible value for planning type are:
                X=Firm Plan
                P=Plan and Forecast
See sample screen below:

  • A (Actual) means those ATP records that already reflect quantity allocation, and on-order in Stock Status Inquiry. That is the default mode when we display the Stock Status Inquiry screen.
  • F (Firm) means those ATP records that are about to become “Actual” but are not yet. This includes blanket POs, unprinted POs, PO requisition transactions, blanket sales orders, and non-allocated work orders.
  • X (Firm Plan) means those ATP records that are planned and confirmed by a human to make it a “Firm Plan.” Because it is "Firm" Plan, ATP regen of planning will not override these records.
  • P (Plan & Forecast) means those ATP records that are computer-planned or forecasted. Computer planned records will be overridden whenever you do a ATP planning regen.
When you choose “A,” only “A” records show up.
When you choose “F,” both “A” and “F” records show up.
When you choose “X,” then “A”, “F” and “X” will all show up.
When you choose “P,” all record types show up.

In your example, after you choose the Planning Type as “F,” then all future ATP Inquiries will show both “A” and “F”. System “remembers” your last choice as the next-time default. If you don’t want to show both “A” and “F” in future ATP inquiries, then use the F3 key to change it to what you want as future default.

For more details on ATP Processing, please refer to the following KB article:


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