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Feature - Print Range of Duplicate Unposted Orders

Release Date - 3/21/19

Version 8.5 and up

This feature will allow the user to print a range of duplicate invoices for unposted orders from the Print Invoices application without updating the order invoice number or invoice date. Prior to this change, printing a duplicate invoice number would retrieve a new invoice number and update the invoice date. 

The print options screen literal has changed. The Print Duplicate Invoices option has been changed to Print Dup. Invoices Only.  

If the user answers Y to the Print Dup. Invoices Only option, the warning message "Only orders already invoiced but not posted are printed when printing duplicates" will be displayed. This means that only orders that are marked as invoices will print during this invoice run. After the invoices have printed, the user will not be asked if the invoices printed OK if printing duplicate invoices. If the range of invoices need to be voided, this can be performed through  COP-> Utility-> Void Invoice-> Void-> Mass Invoice Void. 

If the user answers N to the Print Dup. Invoices Only option, only orders that were not previously printed will be printed in this batch. 

Programs Modified: CPINVPRT.PL, XCP0106

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