Print Pick Ticket Gradual Slowdown Over the Years

Release Date: 03/25/2019
Version: 7.5 and up

QWhen we run the process for printing pick tickets, the process went from taking 15 min to taking about 30 min.
Trying to figure out what might be causing this. Do you have any ideas/troubleshooting steps that can help isolate why we are seeing longer run times? 

A - The typical reason for pick ticket printing slowdown is that your order database contains too many posted orders. When that happens, you may experience a gradual slowdown in many different areas of the COP module, including printing order edit lists, billing edit lists, invoice printing and posting, open orders and back order reports. You need to purge your posted orders to reduce the size of your order database.

You can purge posted COP orders by going to COP -> Processing -> Purge Posted Orders -> Purge -> Posted Orders.  Some Elliott users perform a purge of posted orders every day through Deferred Processing so only open orders are left in the Elliott order database.  Purged orders become history orders so you still can access them through COP -> Inquiry -> .Order Inquiry -> History.

At the moment, one potential downside with purging posted orders is that you can't copy from a purged posted order. If that is a concern with you, then you may want to specify a cutoff day so there will be sufficient posted history orders that you still can copy from. 


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