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PSQL 13, Micrsoft SQL Integration Service & Pervasive PSQL OLE DB Provider

Release Date: 3/26/2019
Version: PSQL 13

An Elliott user recently upgraded from PSQL 12 to PSQL 13 R2 (13.30.011. 000). The user also replicated Elliott data (in this particular case, the attribute database) to their MS SQL 2012 server by using integration services (used to call DTS. ) After the server upgrade to PSQL 13 R2 (the client of the MS SQL server was still on PSQL 12), we noticed the attribute table was corrupted by using the integration services. See sample screen below:

After further investigation, we found that if we switched the provider from "Pervasive PSQL OLE DB" to "Pervasive Provider, Current Release," then the problem is resolved.  See sample screen below:

We did this switch with the PSQL 12 client on the MS SQL server. We did not test whether the problem would be resolved if we installed the PSQL 13 client on the MS SQL server.  The PSQL 13 R2 server was running PSQL version It is also possible a future PSQL 13 revision may resolve this issue.


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