Your File System May Lack 8.3 Filename Support

Release Date: 4/3/2019

QWe get this error on a random basis.

Elliott SM Error from P2LVEFCT
Unable to create temp file:

You file system may lack 8.3 filename support.

Elliott will terminate.

If I manually create the directory (in this case, "8") it seems to resolve it in the current session.

Disconnecting/reconnecting also seems to resolve it.

Any idea what's causing it?
A - This is what Elliott does. We ask the OS what the %temp% folder is, and the OS returns the path “C:\Users\202-CAP\AppData\Local\Temp\8”. Based on that, Elliott tries to create a temp file P2LVEFCT.501 in this folder to see if it is successful. When Elliott prints spooled reports, it stores temporary files in this %temp% folder, so it is important that we can successfully create the file here. We assume if the file can’t be created in the %temp% folder, then it is because of a lack of 8.3 filename support. But this is just an assumption. It could be because, for example, the folder “8” does not exist. Why does the OS return the %temp% folder that does not exist? That is the million dollar question here.

If you Google the following 
%temp% environment variable
You may find some relevant articles that may point you to a solution. The following is an article we think may be related to your issue:


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