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Receive 'Invalid Column Name FILLER_001' After Changing to New Database Connection

Release Date: 04/05/2019
Version: 8.0 & Up

Q - We recently changed our database connection from ELLIOTTDATA to ELI85DATA. After the change, our FedEx shipping manifest system is complaining of an 'Invalid Column Name FILLER_001' like below:
[Pervasive][ODBC Client Interface][LNA][PSQ][SQL Engine]Invalid column name: 'FILLER_001'. - 2147217900 [RecordExport]
This happens when FedEx is trying to write back the tracking number to Elliott. See sample screen below:

A - The cause for this problem is that we changed the column name in the NOTES (or NOTE) table from FILLER_001 to NOTES_FILLER_001. The main reason behind this change is because we want to make sure there is no duplicate column name even among different tables and thus eliminate generic column names like FILLER_001.

You need to ask our FedEx technician to come in and reprogram their SQL statement to insert the tracking note to Elliott. Please see the following Knowledge Base article for more detail:


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