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Your Firewall Needs to Allow Outbound Traffic to the Netherlands for PSQL Licensing Server Purposes

Release Date: 4/5/2019

It has been brought to our attention from one of our re-sellers that PSQL's licensing server resides in the Netherlands.  Therefore, you need to make sure your firewall allows outbound traffic to the Netherlands to ensure the operations of your PSQL engine.

Below is the email from this re-seller:
I wanted to share with you a support issue that was resolved for your information.

One of my users is using Elliott 7.5 on a stand-alone PC using the Pervasive 11 Workgroup. Elliott is used for AP and General Ledger.

The user called me yesterday (4/4) and said she couldn’t run Elliott. Prior to yesterday she used Elliott on Monday 4/1. 

From the message I figured out that the issue is with the Pervasive license. I was working with the network consultant as I assumed it has to do with a firewall / antivirus issue. After disabling the Anti-Virus, the Windows firewall, enabling the Anti-Virus and running a scan, all with no results, we made a test to go to and as recommended in the Actian knowledge base but received a NOT AUTHORIZED message. It looks if as the ip address of the license verification is in the Netherlands which was NOT on the SonicWall allowed countries. After adding the Netherlands we checked the link to and http://bkpelspv.pervasive, and it was successful. I ran Repair on the license and the issue was resolved.

Honestly I don’t know if Pervasive moved the server to the Netherlands after 4/1, but I wanted to share with you my experience. 


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