Feature - Add VICS BOL Confirmation Number to Shipment Tracking Note

Release Date - 4/8/19
Version 8.2 and Up

This feature allows the user to choose if the shipment confirmation number should be added to the shipment tracking note when it is created. This is enabled via a new Global Setup option COP Ctl-> VICS Bill of Lading-> Field 26. Update Reference To Tracking Note? 

  26. Update Reference To Tracking Note? The default value is N. If set to Y, the bill of lading confirmation number will be added to the shipment tracking note. 

Please be aware of that the BOL confirmation number literal is user definable in customer's EDI Partner Trading Profile. In this case, we use BOL Confirmation Number as the "Amazon Routing Number", or short for ARN. See sample screen below:

In the Bill of Lading header maintenance screen, the confirmation number is field 18. See sample screen below:

When the bill of lading is confirmed and the shipment tracking note is created, the confirmation number will be included in the note if the new Global Setup option is set to Y.


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