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Feature - Invoice Log Report

Release date: 4/10/19

Version: 8.5 and up

We recently added a new Invoice Cross Reference File (CPINVXRF) table to Version 8.5. This table is updated when invoices are printed.

This feature adds a new report to print the information captured in this file. The report is found at: COP--> Processing --> Print Invoices --> Invoice log

Report selection fields are:

  1. Starting Activity Date  - Enter the starting activity date. This is the date that the invoice was printed. Press Enter for All dates.  
  2. Ending Activity Date - Enter the ending activity date. 
  3. Starting Order Number - Enter the starting order number. Press Enter for All orders.
  4. Ending Order Number - Enter the ending order number.
  5. Starting Invoice Number - Enter the starting invoice number. Press Enter for All invoices.
  6. Ending Invoice Number - Enter the ending invoice date.
  7. Order Type - Enter the order type. Valid options are I=Invoice, O=Order, C=Credit Memo, and Enter=All.
  8. Status - Enter the order status. Valid options are Z=Posted, X=Invoiced, N=Printed But Not OK, S=Selected, and Enter=All.
  9. Ship Via - Enter the ship via code. An F7 search is available. Press Enter for All ship via codes.
10. User Id - Enter an Elliott user ID. Press Enter for All users.
11. Source - Enter the invoice source. This is the application that generated the invoice. Valid options are CP0100=Order Entry, CP0300=Billing, CPSLSDSK=Sales Desk, CPONEINV=Print One Invoice, CPSBMENU=Fill Back Orders, CPSHPVER=Shipment Verification, CP03S2/XCP03S2=Print Invoices, and Enter=All.
 12. Customer - Enter a customer number.  An F7 search is available. Press Enter for All customers.

The report has the following layout:

Modified programs: CP03S2, CPINVLGP (new), CPINVLGS ( new), XCP03S2


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