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Feature - Add Sales or Usage to Where-Used inquiry

Release date: 4/15/19

Version: 8.5 and up

Changes have been made to single level Where-Used inquiry to show Sales or Usage in place of the standard Cost column.

If no change is made, the Cost column is the standard method. 

To set up Sales or Usage, go to System Utilities --> Global Setup --> Dist --> Bomp Global Control.  On screen 6, a new option has been added: 19. Single Level Where-Used Inquiry Last Column.

If C=Cost is selected, the inquiry program will process as it currently does and the Months field will display "N/A."

If S=Qty Sold Last ?? Months or U=Qty Usage Last ?? Months is selected, the program will prompt for a number of months from 1-99.  The current month is not included in the number of months. To include the current month qty sold or usage statistic as part of the last ?? months will distort the statistic depend of what date of the month today is. For example, if today is Feb 1, 2019 and you choose to display the last 4 months usage, then the system will display the 4 months usage total of Oct, Nov, Dec 2018 and Jan 2019.  It will stay like that until Mar 1, 2019.

This is how the screen will appear if field 19 is set to U(Usage) and the months is set to 48.

Please not that the locations chosen to include in the Sold or Usage column will either be all netable locations or a specific location as entered in the "Loc:" screen field.



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