Feature - Add Item Age, Cost, and Extended Cost to Cycle Count Worksheet CSV Export

Release Date: 4/15/19

Version: 8.2 and up

This feature adds three new columns to the CSV file exported from the Cycle Count Worksheet. The item age will be provided if option 6. Show Computed Qty On-Hand is set to Y. 

The item cost and extended cost will also be exported if option 6. Show Computed Qty On-Hand is set to Y, but the user must have rights to see this information. This is determined by options 13 and 14 on screen 2 of User Global Security Setup. Both options must be set to Y or the cost fields will not be exported.

If the user has the rights to see the item's cost and and option 6. Show Computed Qty On-Hand is set to Y,  three new columns will be exported. The item age column heading will indicate the last time the Recalculate Item Inventory Age Days was run from Global Setup-> Utilities-> I/M Utilities-> Generate Statistical Info. If the user is a warehouse user and the item export has a GTIN unit of measure, the cost exported will be the GTIN cost (cost by the case, carton, etc.).

Programs Modified: IM08S1, IM08P1, IM08P1B

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