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Feature - Skip Box Data Collection Screen

Release Date: 4/22/19

Version: 8.5 and up

This feature allows the user to choose if the Box Data Collection screen will be used for an EDI trading partner when processing an order through Shipment Verification. For example, if a specific trading partner only ships via a trucking company and ships by pallet, it may not be necessary to prompt the user for box information such as a tracking number. This may be provided at a different time, such as when the bill of lading is completed. This new option allows the box data collection to take place, but the user will not be prompted for any additional information if the EDI trading partner is configured to not prompt the user.

The collection of box-level data is enabled through Global Setup-> Add-ons-> Shipment Verification-> Field 37. Collect Box Level Data. 

If this option is enabled, users can specify if an EDI trading partner will  prompt for this information. This is controlled via EDI Profile Maintenance from the special functions menu in Customer File Maintenance.  A new field has been added to this application - 89. Collect Box Level Data in Ship. Verification.

89. Collect Box Level Data in Ship. Verification - This field can be set up if Shipment Verification is enabled and option  37. Collect Box Level Data is set to Y. The default is Y. If set to Y, the Box Data Collection screen will prompt the user for the appropriate information. If the field is set to N, the user will not be prompted but the box file information (CPBOXFIL) will still be collected.


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