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Feature - Exclude Obsolete Customers from Customer Generic Search

Release date: 4/24/2019

Version: 8.5 and up

We have introduced a Global Setup flag to indicate an “Obsolete Customer Type” in A/R Global Setup.  For those customers that are obsoleted (no longer customers but the customer data is retained), their customer type will be changed to this value. 

We have also introduced another A/R Global Setup flag, “Exclude Obsolete Customer from Customer Generic Search?” This flag will be set it to “Y” if the user does not want to see the obsolete customers in the customer generic search.

If  "28. Exclude Obsolete Customer from Cust Search?" in the above screen is set to "Y."
when the Customer Search by Number (or Name) appears, obsolete customers will not be
included.  An F2 key has been added to allow toggle between "Show Obsolete Customers" and
"Show Active Customers Only" as in the following two screenshots.



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