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Feature - Refresh VICS Bill of Lading

Release Date: 4/30/19

Version: 8.5 and up

Typically, users will process orders through shipping verification first and then create the VICS Bill Of Lading. The VICS Bill Of Lading will then determine the number of cartons based on shipping verification data. Some customers want to create the VICS Bill Of Lading first, then perform the shipping verification, which takes place at a warehouse. When the VICS Bill Of Lading was first created, it was calculated based on “Qty Per Box” (Order Multiple, User Amount or Quantity Per Case). In many situations, the calculated number of cartons was incorrect because this is really a pick and pack situation. Later, after the shipping verification was done, users would have the accurate number of cartons, but the Bill Of Lading would have already been created.  

This feature introduces a new F8=Refresh option that will allow the user to recalculate the number of boxes or cartons based upon the shipping verification data. This option is available if the Bill Of Lading has not been completed.

Once the user presses the F8 key, they will see a warning message stating:

This function will retain your header data, but    
delete any detailed data you have input and refresh
them from sales order or shipping verification.    
Are you sure you wish to proceed?                    

If the user answers N, the data will not be refreshed. If the user answers Y, any data manually entered -- such as the number pallets, weight, etc. -- will be removed and recalculated based upon the sales order or shipping verification information.


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