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Feature - Enhanced Cash Receipts Processing Apply-To Range

Release Date: 5/2/19

Version: 8.5 and up

This feature expands the capabilities of the F3= Display Range Of Apply-To With Non Zero Balance window in the Add mode of Cash Receipts Processing. 

The screen will display a list of apply to numbers with a non-zero balance. 

The following fields are displayed - Apply-To Number, Document Type, Document Date, Discount Date, Due Date, and Balance.

Select an invoice to pay by entering Y in the Pay field. Pressing Enter will take the user to the Pay Amount field. The Pay Amount will default to balance or the amount remaining if it is less than the balance. Once the amount is entered, the amount remaining will be reduced by the amount paid. 

Users can also enter Y and press the down arrow key. This will default the Pay Amount field to the balance or the amount remaining if it is less than the balance automatically without the user having to enter the amount.

Entering N in the Pay field will set the Pay Amount to zero.

Press the F1 key to exit the window.  This will create cash application records for the invoices that were marked to pay.

Press the Escape key to cancel processing in the window.

Use the up and down arrows to move between invoices. You can also use page up and page down if there are multiple pages of invoices.

Press the F3 key to display the invoice references.

Pressing the F3 key again will redisplay the document, discount and due dates.

Press the F4 key to enter a range of invoices to pay.

When the user presses return after entering the ending item number, the application will attempt to pay as many invoices as possible in the range selected. In the example above, there is only 79.36 remaining to apply. The application will apply 52.75 to item 6 in the list and it will apply the remaining amount of 26.61 to item 7 in the list.

Press the F5 key to go to a specific apply-to number.

Pressing return after entering the apply-to number will take the user to the specific apply-to number.

Programs Modified: ARCSHADD

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