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How to Clear the Message "Unable to Read your Users record (9/068)"

Released Date: 05/06/2019

Q: User KSWAYZE received the message "Unable to Read your Users record (9/068)" as shown below and was unable to clear the message or even restart the computer.

A: If a user's computer crashes or their session ends unexpectedly while they are in Elliott, they could receive the error "Unable to Read your Users record (9/068)."
The System Administrator should clear the message from server.
1. Startup PSQL Control Center from run “PCC.EXE” à Click “Tools” à “Monitor.”

2. Click the tab “MicroKemel Sessions” à to find the user (i.e., "KSWAYZE")

3.  Point the mouse to the user KSWAYZE, then right click. It will show the option “Delete MKDE session.” Click it to delete the user session.

4. The system will show the confirmation window below. Click OK to delete the session of KSWAYZE. User KSWAYZE can then login again.


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