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LK: Links API

LK: Links

Modified: 5/12/2019

Default links are established by the TB calls.  The LK APIs provide additional links functionality.



Launch the Link whose type is in SCREEN-ALPHA-FIELD.


Add a temporary link.  SCREEN-ALPHA-FIELD contains the type. SCREEN-MENU Contains the Template which may or may not contain variables of the format @@VARn@@.

Beginning 5/12/2019, the SCREEN-MENU may contain a file specification with wildcards, like U:\JIM\@@VAR1@@*.* .  


Modify the temporary link (previous LK,01 call).  

  • SCREEN-ALPHA-FIELD contains the type.  
  • nn = the variable number to replace
  • h = H means make the link bitmap red (hot).  
  • SCREEN-LITERAL contains the value for the specified variable.

This API can also work with Program links, for example, where the template can contain a file specification using variables.


Add a permanent link; otherwise, just like LK,01.


Add a permanent link; otherwise, just like LK,02,nn,h.


Remove a permanent link created by LK,91 and LK,92.  SCREEN-ALPHA-FIELD contains the type.

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