Feature - Sales Order Import ATP Quantity Warning

Release Date: 6/17/19

Version: 8.2 and up

Sales Order Import gives the user warning messages in some situations when the quantity ordered is greater than the quantity available. This feature gives the user the ability to also give a warning if the quantity ordered is greater than the available to promise (ATP) for a future date. For example, when you receive an order and you typically have a 7-day turnaround, then showing the ATPQty(07) is a better way to see if you have enough quantity for the order instead of the current quantity available.

This new warning can be configured through two new options in Global Setup-> Add-Ons-> Sales Order Import-> field 23. Import Qty Exceed Qty Available Handling. 

When the user chooses field 23, a new window will appear with three entry fields. 

Allow Qty-To-Ship > Qty Available? or Warn Qty Order > Qty Available? - If field 22. Default Qty-To-Ship To Zero is set to "Y," the prompt will read "Warn Qty Order > Qty Available" and this option will be treated as a warning only. No quantities will be updated based upon availability. Otherwise, the prompt will read "Allow Qty-To-Ship > Qty Available?" If set to N, the quantity to ship will be updated based upon the quantity available.

Warning If Qty Order > ATPQty(99)? - The default value is N. If set to Y, a warning message will print for each line item with an ATP quantity that is less than the quantity ordered. This is based up the current system date plus the number of days specified in the ATP Qty Days field.

ATP Qty Days? - Enter the number of days in the future to be used for the ATP quantity available calculation.

If  Warning If Qty Order > ATPQty(99) is set to Y and ATP Qty Days is not set to zero, the ATP available quantity will be calculated during sales order import. If the ATP available quantity is less than the quantity ordered, the following warning message will print on the report and will be included in the total number of warnings indicated at the bottom of the report.

Warning: Qty Ordered Greater Than ATPQty(99) 


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