Report Desk: Registry Settings


Useful Registry Settings

  • DebugLogLevel: Set to Summary or Details to write a progress log to a file named something like %temp%\RDDebug-<yymmddhhmmss>.Log.  See for details.
  • ELIRD: Set to NETCELLENT, GUN, CYBERMAC or blank to indicate what kind of developer is creating/modifying reports.
  • ReportDeskDelay: Enter the number of seconds to delay before contuing at startup -- used to quickly attach to EL860RD after launching it from Elliott.
  • SerializePassingXML: Set to Yes to write the PassingXML info to %temp%\SerializePassingXML.xml.
  • SerializeReportDef:   Set to Yes to write the serialized report definition info to %temp%\SerializeReportDef.xml.
  • SerializeUDRSpec:  Set to Yes to write the serialized UDR Spec info to %temp%\SerializeUDRSpec.xml.
  • SerializeUDTSpec:   Set to Yes to write the serialized UDT Spec info to %temp%\SerializeUDTSpec
  • ShowProviderName:   Set to Yes to display the resolved Provider Name when a report is run.
  • Test64K:  Used for testing the 64k limit bug in PSQL.


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