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How to Set Up MX915 POS Device for Static Network IP Address

Release Date: 6/20/2019

Elliott Business Software requires the POS device to be set up for a Static IP address. This article outlines the procedure on how to configure your Verifone MX915 POS device to use a Static IP address:

1. After connecting the device's Ethernet cable to an Internet port, plug in the power cord from the device.  After a brief startup (perhaps as long as 5 minutes), you may see our custom screen with your logo.  That means the device is up and running.  By default, the POS POINT device you received is configured for DHCP out of the box.

2. On the MX915 POS Device, press the keypad keys 1, 5 and 9 at the same time (you may need to use two hands). This will bring you to the POS device setup mode. You will hear a beep and a message showing  "APPLICATION HALTED."  After a few seconds, you will see a screen appear, prompting you for a password. See sample screen below.  Please speak to Netcellent for the password.

3. After entering the password and pressing the "Enter" key on the keypad, you will see the navigation for "Home" menu show up. See sample screen below:

4. Click on the "Administration" tab. The menu for Home > Administration will show up.  Here, you click "Communication" tab. See sample screen below:

5. The menu for Home > Admin > Communication will show up.  Here, you click "Network" tab.  See sample screen below:

6. The menu for Home > Admin > Comm > Net > Ethernet shows up as follows.  In this screen, you click on the "Ethernet" tab:

7. If you see the value in "Mode" appear as "DHCP," change it to "StaticIP." Then you need to provide the following information to set up the Static IP address. Keep in mind that as you enter the IP Addresses, you must enter 3 digits for each segment.  That is to say, IP Address will be entered as As you enter the three digits of a segment, the cursor will be advanced to the next segment so you don't need to enter the period ".". 
  • IP Address
  • Netmask
  • Gateway
  • DNS1
  • DNS2
8. After you change it, click on "Apply" to save it.  Now you can go back to the "Home" menu and click on "Run Application" to start the device for the POS mode. See sample screen below:

As you start up the application, you will see the Network IP address temporarily. Please confirm if that IP address is correct.


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