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Report Desk: Overriding Standard Reports

Release date: 4/28/23
Version: 8.6

Generally speaking, Report Desk report configuration is maintained by NETcellent and delivered in EL860S.Cfg.  Customers should never modify this file, as it is overlayed with the latest version from NETcellent whenever your software is updated.

Customer modifications to Report Desk behavior are accomplished in EL860U.Cfg, which is never overlayed during an Elliott update.

For Report Desk, here are the sections that can be adjusted:
  • To change which reports are available and/or what their descriptions are, use the following sections:

This entry says, when ARSTMSCN is called, allow two options, the legacy program ARSTMSCN and the Report Desk statement, ARSTMENT.  The user will be prompted to select the desired report.


This section allows you to specify or change the descriptions of Report Desk reports.

  • To limit which reports are available for your users, you may add the following entry to EL860U.Cfg, which tells Elliott to ignore the Report Desk reports list in EL860S.Cfg and only make available the reports specified in EL860U.Cfg.
[Report Desk]

NOTE: You may need to contact NETcellent support if you need some assistance completing these entries.


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