UPS Tracking Numbers URL Is Not Working

Release Date: 7/8/2019
Version: 8.2 & up

Q: It seems as though the URL that UPS tracking numbers pass to a browser isn't working today -- when we right click on a tracking note and select "Online With UPS." If we go on to their site and enter the tracking number, it works fine.

A: It seems UPS has recently changed their URL for tracking numbers. To make this work, the future release of Elliott will have a new EL800S.CFG (8.2) or EL850S.CFG file.  

For the time being, you will can manually change your EL800S.CFG (8.2) or EL850S.CFG (8.5) in the following folder:
    For 8.2: <ElliottRoot>\Bin
    For 8.5: <ElliottRoot>\Bin85
Locate the following line:

and change it to:

Save the CFG file and ask your users to exit Elliott and come back again, then it should work for them.


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