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What Is the Process for Changing an Existing Workstation's Elliott Workstation ID?

Release Date: 07/16/19
Version: 7.0 & up

QWhat is the process for changing an existing workstation's Elliott Workstation ID?  I think I have some printing issues which are probably caused by the workstation ID issue.

A - Login to Elliott as SUPERVISOR. Then go to setup -> Print etc. tab, and you will see the Workstation-ID become editable. See the sample screen below:

On the other hand, if you do not login as SUPERVISOR in Elliott, the Workstation-ID is greyed out.

Alternatively, the Workstation-ID is saved in the Windows registry as part of your desktop user profile.  You can access it by bringing up the REGEDIT utility and accessing the following path:
See sample screen below:

See related KB article:


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