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How to Mass Update eContact to Disable from Login

Release Date: 7/16/19
Version: 7.0 & Up

Q - Is there a way to mass update eContacts? I didn’t see anything in the online support. We are needing to mass update the block web access field and populate the "Reason" with something. I didn’t know if that was something that existed and I just missed it.

A - You can go to Global Setup -> Utilities -> System Utilities -> eContact Utilities -> Update Econtact, In the “Action to Perform,” use the “W” option. See sample screen below:

Here are the actions supported now:
  • D=Delete
  • T=Terminate
  • M=No Email
  • B=Increase Bounce Back
  • W=No Web Access
The CSV file contains one column which is the email address of the eContact to be updated.


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