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Feature: Print Document and Details from ListView

Release Date 7/18/2019
Elliott Versions 8.2 and 8.5

Printing Information from a ListView
The graphical lists that you see in various places in Elliott are called ListViews.  These ListViews are scrolling lists of rows and columns of information, like the Invoice History screen here:

When you want to print the contents of a ListView, right-click on a row with data and select Print the List....

You will see a selection screen like the following:

Choose one of the available Record Selection options:
  • Print all items in the list is always available (not grayed out).
  • If you have selected more than one item in the list, Print only the selected items in the list will be available.
  • If there are two ListViews on the screen with a heirarchical relationship, and you have selected just one item in the top ListView, Print the selected document and its details will be available.
Optionally, you may enter one or two memo  Lines that will appear at the top of the report.

Press OK.  After making your selections on the Report Output Options screen and pressing Go, you will see a report like the following:

The above report is an example of a heirarchical , master/detail report.  Here the invoice information (from the top ListView) is shown, followed by the invoice's detail information (from the bottom ListView).

If you select either of the other two Record Selection options, you will see a single list in the report.


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