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Feature - Indented Bill of Material CSV

Release date: 7/22/19

Version: 8.5 and up

Added the option to export the Indented Bill of Material report data to a CSV file.

CSV fields that will be exported:

ParentItem - Parent item number
ParentDesc - Parent item description 1
ParentDesc2 - Parent Item description 2
LLC - Parent low level code
EngnrRelse - Parent engineering release number
EngnrRev - Parent engineering revision number
ParActCd - Parent activity code
ParActSubCd - Parent activity sub code
LineNo - Report Line Sequence number to keep whole report can be restored to original sequence after sorting from different way on spreadsheet
Lv - Component level
SeqNo - Component sequence number
CompItem - Component item number
CompDesc - Component item description 1
CompDesc2 - Component item description 2
QtyPer - Component quantity per parent
CompLLC - Component low level code
UOM - Component unit of measure
AttchOper - Component attaching operation
Scrap - Component scrap factor
Act - Component product structure activity code
StkFlg - Component stocked flag
CtlFlg - Component controlled flag
P/M - Component purchased or manufactured flag and the mostly purchased or manufactured flag
OrdPol - Component order policy code
ProdCat - Component product category
UDC - Component user defined code
MCT - Component material cost type
CommCd - Component commodity code
CompActCd - Component item activity code
CompActSubCd - Component item sub activity code

If screen field "4. Type of Data To Print" is "I" (Inventory Data) the following fields will be exported:

CompQtyOH - Component quantity on hand at all locations
CompQtyOnOrder - Component quantity on order at all locations
CompQtyAlloc - Component quantity allocated at all locations

If screen field "4. Type of Data To Print" is "E" (Engineering Data) the following fields will be exported:

EngRls - Component engineering release
EngRev - Component engineering revision
RteRls - Component routing release
RteRev - Component routing revision
RteNum - Component routine number

If screen field "8. Print Reference Designators" is "Y", the following fields will be exported:

Ref1 - Reference designator 1
Ref2 - Reference designator 2
Ref3 - Reference designator 3

To export  the Indented Bill of Material report data to a CSV file, enter "Y" in "Create CSV File?," then enter a valid file name and path in "CSV File Name & Path."

Programs changed: BM0600.CBL, BM06P1.CBL


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