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Receive "Input parameter INVOICE assigned invalid value" with POS Credit Card Charge

Release Date: 7/23/19
Version: 8.5 & Up

Q - When processing credit card transactions through a point-of-sales terminal (POINT interface), we received the following message:
       Input parameter INVOICE assigned invalid value
And then the credit card transaction was declined. What is causing this?

A - The cause of this problem is because the customer number used in the sales desk is "Alphabetic."  If you change it to "Numeric," then you can avoid this problem.

The nature of the problem is that Elliott passes the customer number as invoice number in our Sales Desk (POS) application. The reason is at the time the credit card is charged, it is before the invoice is printed, so we don’t have the invoice number assigned yet. So we pass the customer number as the invoice number instead. In the previous SIM interface, this was not a problem. With the new POINT interface, it does not like us passing the alphabetic invoice number that’s a duplicate. 

To fix this problem, you will need to create a misc. customer number that’s numeric -- like, for example, 999999, or something similar. If you change the customer# used by POS to a numeric value, then you won’t get this kind of decline problem with the new POINT interface.

The following is sample of XML data in the log file with this error:
<RESPONSE_TEXT>Input parameter INVOICE assigned invalid value</RESPONSE_TEXT>


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