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Feature - Stock Status Reports Add Include with Alloc or On Order Quantity Option

Release date: 8/1/2019

Version: 8.5 and up

Several of the Stock Status Reports have an option to "Exclude Zero Qty Items." This features allows for a new option to include items with zero quantity on hand if the item's quantity allocated or quantity on order is greater than zero.

This option is changed from a Y/N entry to:

 Y=Yes N=No A=Include Zero Qty OH With Alloc or On Order > Zero

If this option is set to Y or N, the program will behave as before. If this option is set to A, it will look at the quantity on hand. If it is zero, it will also check the quantity allocated and quantity on order. If both are zero, it will exclude the item. If one of the amounts is not zero, it will include the item even though the quantity on hand is zero.

The following stock status reports are affected.:

Stock Status by Item/Prod Cat

Stock Status by G/L Account

Snapshot Stock Status

Modified Programs: IM06S1, IM06P1, IM06S1GL, IM06P1GL, IMSNPSCN, IMSNPLST


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