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Feature - Create Shipment Records When Complete Bill Of Lading

Release Date: 8/8/19

Version: 8.5 and up

When orders are processed through Shipping Verification, shipment box information is generated that provides the number of packages (cartons or pallets) that is used when the EDI 856 (Advanced Shipping Notice) is generated. When using the VICS Bill of Lading application, this information is generated automatically when labels are created if the order has not been processed through Shipping Verification. For some EDI partners, this information is required but the Bill of Lading does not force the user to print the labels before completing the Bill of Lading. This can cause an unintentional user operational error and the EDI 856 could be missing information when it is generated. 

To prevent this unintended error, a new option has been added to the EDI Trading Partner Profile.

    90. Create Box Data When Complete VICS BOL? The default is N. 

If set to Y, the box shipment records will be generated when the user presses the F5 key to complete the bill of lading if the records have not been previously generated.



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