What Causes Btrieve Error 010 on IMITMFIL (Item File)?

Release Date: 8/8/19

Version: 8.2 & up

QWe're having the following issue with the IMITMFIL (Item Master File): Received a 010 error. Tried to rebuild using the pervasive utility, but it did not fix the problem. Did a restore from a backup of that file and still had the error. Not sure what to do next. Thanks so much...

AError 010 on IMITMFIL is usually an integrity error, not due to file corruption. It may be because a corresponding IMNVLOC record of an item is missing or a BOMP product structure (BMPRDSTR) record exists but the corresponding IMITMFIL or IMINVLOC record is missing.

There’s a utility in Global Setup -> Utilities -> BOMP Utilities -> BOMP Utilities Check. You should that utility without using the “Delete Invalid Record” option first to see what it tells you. See the following KB article for more detail: http://support.elliott.com/knowledgebase/articles/864552-feature-bomp-integrity-check-utility

We later on received the following response:

Q: We ran the utility, and here’s what it found. Please let me know what the next step is.

A:This means someone deleted an item while that item was still listed as a component or parent of a BOMP product structure. So you need to discuss with the Inventory or Product person, which is correct: (1) The item was deleted by mistake; (2) The product structure should be deleted. 

Typically, when you delete an item, the system will check if the item is part of a product structure or not. I wonder if they have some mechanism to delete an item not through the record item delete?


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