I Receive QuotaExceededError When I Login to Elliott Payment Portal

Released Date: 8/30/2019
Version: N/A

Q - I received the "QuotaExceededError" when I logged in to the Elliott payment portal.  See sample screen below:

This only happens to a particular user, while others could continue to login to the payment portal without a problem.

AThis is an indication of the browser running out of local storage (or not supporting local storage). 
  1. Ask the user to switch to a different browser If the user is using a browser that doesn't support local storage. For example, if the user is using private browsing mode in some version of Safari, this could happen.
  2. Ask the user to clear the browser cache. If the user is truly running out of local storage, you can have the user clear the browser cache. This is usually not the case.
We received a follow-up message about this incident as shown below:
I have more info for you on this issue. The user called me a little bit ago and can login from the same machine in Chrome fine. He is having the issue with Edge (which he has always used).
I had him clear all of this out and he’s still having the issue…

We did try the Edge browser with Elliott payment portal and it works in our test case.  So there's some unique scenario at the user site causing this to happen.  There are some information indicating that that this probably a bug from Microsoft Edge browser itself:


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